Learning in the Workplace

Learning at work is different than learning at school. Rather than acquiring academic theories, workplace learning focuses more on how to solve problems and conduct work practices. RSP’s professional training staff helps employees convert their knowledge to practical job skills and then reach optimal job performance levels. This kind of learning requires employees’ self-discipline and motivation; and we use various learning approaches with best practices to help keep our employees engaged.

Helping employees learn about the Insurance business and day-to-day Insurance processing activities.

Insurance College

  • Insurance Level 1
  • Insurance Level 2 (e.g. Kaplan learning portal)
  • Insurance Certification (e.g. ARM and CISR)
  • Visiting Experts from the U.S.A.
  • Self-paced Tools

RSP University

A Few Key Programs…

Prep School

Prep School is a part of the new hire selection process. It is a one-week program designed to help new employees learn the basics of working as RSP and help accelerate in-team training activities. This program won the 2012 ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation.

Insurance Certificate Program

We have a strong internal curriculum that helps employees prepare for externally recognized insurance industry certifications, such as CISR and ARM.

Management Level 1

This multi-course program is designed for new supervisors and provides a comprehensive foundation of the key skills that make the difference between good and great leaders.

Business English Program

We offer 3 levels of both Oral & Written English courses. Employees will be assessed first to decide which level will best meet their individual needs. Our Written English Program won a 2012 ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation.

Dr. Kirk D. Fleming is the L&D Director for ReSource Pro. He is a recognized training expert with 18 years of management experience in a variety of different industries and several Fortune 100 companies. As the L&D director, Kirk is responsible for the creation and evolution of a new RSP University, including overall strategy, structure and operations. He has assembled and leads a team of 18 talented L&D professionals to guide RSP employees to constantly learn and develop in the workplace.

Kirk D. Fleming, D.Ed., MBA