Let’s Party in the Summer!

Waves, beaches, a villa, natural beauty, delicious food and beautiful girls; are you tempted by these hot summer elements? Our ReSource Pro colleagues were lucky enough to experience all of them this summer. Interesting games and BBQ at the villa; … Continued

Cheers to the English Talent Show

Last time, we reported that ReSource Pro held its English Festival in June. As an important part of the English Festival, the English Talent Show attracted the attention of all the employees; 796 of them voted for their favorite production. … Continued

Bringing the U.S. Culture to ReSource Pro

With the arrival of summer vacation, we welcomed a group of U.S. interns to join ReSource Pro. They stay with different teams to build up their English environment and to share knowledge about American culture. The interns gave presentations to … Continued

Summer Outing

Do you want to go out during the hot summer but you’re not sure where to go? Recently, our ReSource Pro colleagues have been to a few good destinations. Let’s check them out! Some colleagues went to see the dense … Continued

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