Corridor Murals–A Gallery at the Workplace

When walking to each floor of ReSource Pro’s Qingdao office, passersby will be impressed by the colorful and creative murals on the white walls along the stairs. These fabulous works were created by the volunteers of ReSource Pro’s COC (Community … Continued

Happy Dragon Boat Day!

This June, our teams in Qingdao and Jinan celebrated Dragon Boat Festival in various fun and interesting ways. By sharing knowledge of the festival, making festive handicrafts, and holding competitions and races, the Qingdao teams enjoyed a good time outside … Continued

The 1st RSP English Speech Contest

On April 23rd, with gentle and mild spring breezes, we greeted the arrival of the annual RSP English Festival. This year, to celebrate the festival, the RSP English Committee held an English Speech Contest, themed “A letter to…” Twenty one … Continued

Happy Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day!

This year, both the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day fell on 2/14, a rare occasion that only occurs every 19 years. RSP employees from the QD, JN and HD Offices had many unforgettable memories on this special day. Because yuanxiao … Continued

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