Learning Is an Endless Process

Last time we reported that ReSource Pro hosted its 5th Operations Boot Camp in San Diego, CA this past March. Recently, we talked to Ranny, Talent Development Senior Manager, who together with other colleagues from the Talent Development Department facilitated at Boot Camp, receiving very high marks from our clients and our ReSource Pro participants. This is the third year for Ranny to facilitate at Boot Camp. For Ranny, each year is a learning opportunity, and this year, the biggest part for her was listening and building a Trusted Partner relationship with our clients. Through interaction with clients, Ranny has a deeper understanding of our clients’ business frustrations, the challenges that they face, and how we can help them and what we can learn from them. “This is how I continue to benefit from this event. It does help me to see their challenges, which in turn, helps us to create a framework for the future to better support our clients,” said Ranny. Besides having a solid aptitude for course design and facilitation skills acquired over the years, Ranny also seizes every opportunity to learn about U.S. culture. She keeps up with current news, and practices English in various ways – speaking English at the office, watching U.S. news and live shows as well as TED Talks. “Learning English is not a one night thing; you need to be patient and practice it as much as you can,” Said Ranny. Does Ranny’s experience spark your interest in learning and improvement? Actually, at ReSource Pro we provide many more learning opportunities. Join us and find out about them. New folder9