What types of learning opportunities are available for me to develop my skills?

Our employees develop themselves through formal and informal learning. This includes structured courses, online learning (available at home), instruction from team members, and learning by doing.
The first formal course is Prep School. There you will learn the basic skills necessary to begin your career at ReSource Pro. Trainees gain knowledge in different work-related fields, such as American Insurance, Computer Skills, English Skills, Customer Service, and Professional Behavior.
There are also many continuing education courses available for all employees at RSP, including English classes, Insurance training sessions, various workshops, and many others. Employees are encouraged to participate in the appropriate courses and programs.
To a large extent, employees learn through their daily work and interactions with other team members. At ReSource Pro, we emphasize the active role of the employee in learning and growth, both in class and on the job.

What is the career path for your employees at RSP?

We understand how important career development is to our employees. With managerial and professional career paths available, as well as a broad range of learning opportunities provided, RSP is not just a place to start a job… RSP is a place where you can start a successful career!
The entry-level position for employees is Client Assistant. If you successfully complete your tasks and perform at a high level, over time, you will have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities in the company. Provided that your work performance meets expectations and you demonstrate the ability to work at the next level, you will become a candidate for promotion when those positions become available.
You will learn more about career levels and paths after you join RSP.

Since what we learned is American Insurance knowledge, how can my work experience here benefit my future career if I leave RSP?

As you may know, the Chinese government is offering more support for BPO companies, and Qingdao government has established its BPO Base. This suggests that a large number of job opportunities will be available and the market will need more experienced BPO employees.
More importantly, RSP has a strong Learning and Development team dedicated to helping employees learn and grow. Besides Insurance, you will receive more training in areas like Business English, Professionalism, and Management by learning a variety of learning techniques. RSP employees can access all the training resources through our E-learning System on the intranet.

How do you make your performance management system fair and just? (What’s your performance management system like? How do you measure an employee’s performance?)

We are a pay for performance company. We have a mature process and policy for performance management. After your probation, your supervisor will set up performance goals with you. All the goals are measurable and related to your work. You will get a quarterly feedback and an evaluation at the end of cycle review.

When can I start to get the training opportunities? How can I get them?

RSP provides about 350 online learning modules and job aids in different learning techniques. Based on their own training needs, employees can make their own learning plans. Training opportunities are always waiting for you, so you can get as much training as you want, as long as you are willing. Your learning and development is in your hands!

Who will be the trainer or facilitator?

We have both internal & external facilitators.
• Our internal facilitators come from L&D, as well as other areas of the company. We have a structured process and program in place to train our internal facilitators and build their expertise. This is also one of the training opportunities we provide to our employees, so if you are interested in learning how to facilitate, you can take advantage of this opportunity.
• External training vendors and experts (Chinese and American) are also invited to deliver training to our employees from time to time.