What is RSP's Business?

ReSource Pro provides back-office, data processing services to insurance agencies in the U.S.A.
Our employees work like staff in our clients’ offices by accessing their computer systems through the Internet. We complete hundreds of different insurance-related tasks throughout the company for different clients. This type of work is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Clients outsource all of their work that can be done in the office, such as data entry and analysis.
Client Assistant: Helping Our Clients from across the World


What is the work environment at RSP like?

Work environment is very important at ReSource Pro, and is one of things that make us different than other companies. RSP employees enjoy a friendly, comfortable work environment. They dress casually and choose the music that they listen to throughout the day. During lunch employees like to sit in the kitchen and chat with friends or watch TV, or play table tennis in our break room. They also often participate in various fun company-sponsored activities, such as sports day. Our management style is a blend of east & west. We typically consider our employees’ opinions in all we do.

Why do you need to recruit so many people every month?

RSP has grown from 140 employees in 2007 to 1000 employees as of 2011. The growth will continue, and we expect to have around 2,000 employees by the end of 2015. The growth is a result of a large demand for our service from clients in the US. In the past, we were able to bring in 3 to 5 new clients every month, and more and more companies in our market are showing strong interest in working with us. Our existing clients are also giving us more work and growing the size of their RSP teams. We are projecting to add 20 to 40 new positions every month to meet those clients’ need.
In addition to client needs, we are adding more management positions every month as the company grows. We have been filling all of the management positions by promoting employees from within the company, and we’ve built systems and processes to ensure we continue to do so.
Another factor is that we have employees leaving the company for further education, relocating to another city, or pursuing a new career path. We are maintaining a much lower employee turnover ratio than most other companies, but we still need to hire about 15 to 20 people every month for those positions.